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The city of Hialeah, located in Florida’s Miami-Dade County, recorded a population of 224,669 in 2010, ranking it as the state’s 6th largest city and the 10th largest in the nation. Its name, Hialeah, originates from the Muskogee words “Haiyakpo”—meaning Prairie—and “Hili”—meaning Pretty—combining to create “Hialeah“, the Pretty Prairie. Its origin may, alternatively, be derived from Seminole roots meaning “Upland Prairie”. Hialeah is located upon a prairie, hence the city’s given name, between the Biscayne Bay and the Florida Everglades.

During the early part of the 1920’s, Hialeah has produced several significant entertainment contributions to attract many visitors to South Florida. Some of these included the Spanish sport of Jai-Alai, greyhound racing, and the production of many silent films at the Miami Movie Studios. Due to a hurricane’s devastating blow in 1926, many of these contributions have since been demolished, never to be resurrected or play as big of a factor in the community. The Hialeah Park Race track, however, a horse track which opened in 1925, received more Miami- based media attention than any sporting event/venue up until that point. Into the mid 1930’s, the Horse Racing Park drew millions of visitors ranging from J.P. Morgan and Harry Truman, to Winston Churchill and members of the Kennedy family. Hialeah Park Race Track also has the distinction of being recognized as an “Audubon Bird Sanctuary” on account of it’s large population of Pink Flamingos that frequent its lands, as well as being recognized as being on the “National Register of Historic Places” for Miami-Dade County. Due to several years of neglect, the city of Hialeah has taken it upon itself to petition the state for a plan of renovation (in 2009) and was subsequently approved. The city hopes to restore the once proclaimed “Crown Jewel of Hialeah” to its former glory.

Once envisioned as a refuge for wealthy Cuban exiles fleeing the Fidel Castro ruled regime in the late 50’s and early to mid 1960’s, Hialeah became somewhat of a “working- Class community”. Home to locally owned businesses as well as industrial factories, Hialeah was becoming a melting pot, in which several cultures, dominated primarily by waves of Cuban exiles, attempted to live together in a harmonious fashion while staying true to their native cultural traditions. Hialeah historian, Patricia Fernandez-Kelly explained that it “became an affordable Eden…a place where different groups have left their imprint while trying to create a sample of what life should be like.” Although Hialeah has slowed its development significantly since the mid 1930’s, it still attracts visitors and residents from across the state as well as the rest of the United States (as can be attributed to their large population).

Located in Florida’s most accident-prone county, Miami-Dade County recorded upwards of 40,000 traffic accidents in 2011. These statistics only emphasize the risks involved when stepping behind the wheel of an automobile. According to a 2013 Huffington Post article, coupled with these staggering statistics, Miami, FL is recognized one of the Four (4th) most dangerous cities to drive in the United States.

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