As a Florida stroke injury lawyer, I was astonished to read a recent New York Times article that found that a number of hospitals around the country were over radiating stroke patients.

The telltale signs of over radiation is a bizarre hair loss pattern, that resemble the CT machine. But more important than the hair loss is the risk for brain cancer.

Where is the problem? Having sued Florida’s hospitals for nearly twenty years, on behalf of injured patients, I bet the problem is a combination of poorly trained and supervised employees and defective equipment.

What needs to be done now by every hospital in the country immediately:

  • Audit their policies and procedures.
  • Retest their staff and confirm they understand proper dosage.
  • Insist that all manufacturers calibrate all CT scanners.
  • Notify all patients they suspect may have been over radiated.
  • Immediately provide any over radiated patients medical care.

I am also concerned that, this epidemic, may have a chilling effect on some hospitals or ER doctors when ordering CT scans that might provide lifesaving diagnostic information for stroke victims.

If you have recently had a CT brain scan and have noted hair loss, memory loss, vision changes, or strange welts or blemishes, contact your physician immediately.

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