Injuried on Key West Cruise

Personal Injuries while on Key West Cruis

Key West is a small island with a rambunctious reputation. This southernmost point of the United States is filled with historic streets and funky architecture. A number of famous, and eccentric, people have wandered its streets, patronized the many bars, and called Key West home.

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Key West’s Cruise Culture

Amongst all this character and quirky charm is a busy passenger ship port that is filled with new cruise ships daily. There are three terminals in this single big port, and turnover of the different ships is constant. In fact, most cruise ships only stay at port for half a day or slightly more.

Every cruise line, from Norwegian Cruise Lines to Carnival plans itineraries to include Key West, making it among the most popular cruise destinations in the United States.

Bringing a Claim

The cruise companies operating in Key West routinely include certain hurdles on potential plaintiffs of personal injury claims. These include requirements to file a claim within a certain time period, typically one year from the accident, and in a very specific court, the United States Federal Court in Miami, to be exact. As well, most cruises require prior written notice of a claim before filing in court.

These obligations on passengers who want to bring suit against the cruise company are included in the small print on tickets and agreed to at the time of purchasing. Courts have found all of them legally binding. Given this, a lawyer with specific experience in obtaining compensation for personal injuries from cruise companies is often required to win a suit.

Additionally, legal knowledge of personal injury law, maritime law, and international law is necessary. This past experience helps evaluate the validity and strength of a specific claim, as each slip, accident, or other injury on a cruise ship happens under unique circumstances. An evaluation of your claim, or that of a family member’s, can be obtained through a free initial consultation at a firm specializing in cruise accidents.

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Personal Injury and Medical Opinions

An aspect of an injury or accident that can be extremely helpful to a later personal injury claim is the determination of an impartial doctor. Often, passengers injured aboard cruise ships only seek the medical attention of staff employed by the cruise company. While well-trained medical professionals, their paycheck dictates an inherent bias. This may lead to mistaken or overly cautious diagnosis.

A second opinion near the time of the incident may reach different conclusions about the degree or source of an injury. Sometimes, there is hesitation to halt a cruise holiday to see a doctor, but if there is any indication that that injuries are the fault of the cruise line it is more important than the trip.

Unlike many other destinations, Key West is an established medical community, trained in American universities. If injured while at sea, this is one of the best places to seek more medical attention. Later, a maritime or personal injury lawyer can use the medical reports to bring a more robust claim.

Personal Injury and Medical Opinions

The lawyers at our firm have dedicated their practice to successfully representing injured passengers against the multi-billion dollar cruise companies. We want to obtain a great result and adequate compensation for each of our clients. To learn more about our expertise and legal services, contact our office toll-free at 1-866-597-4529, by email at

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