Automated Teller Machines
(ATM Security Risks)

Automated Teller Machines (ATM Security Risks)


ATM machines can be potentially dangerous places and pose a security risk for both users and others on the premises. Does it seem like there are ATM cash machines on every corner of the United States? In fact, there are over 400,000 automated teller machines making it about 1 for every 750 people.

Our South Florida property injury lawyers recommend the following to minimize the potential for being the victim of a crime while using an ATM machine:

  1. Only use an ATM machines located in well-lit and highly visible areas.
  2. Be ready to conduct your transaction before you approach the ATM.
  3. Be observant when you use the ATM and if you see someone in the area that makes you feel uncomfortable, leave immediately.
  4. Plan your visits to the ATM during daylight hours or consider cash back as an option instead of using an ATM at night.

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