Mom Charged with Manslaughter Deserves Presumption of Innocence

Raisa Bernabe is a mother. And, she is, before you read another word, entitled to the presumption of innocence. As the family’s attorney, it is important that everyone remember that an innocent little boy’s life ended that day and that Raisa Bernabe is an American citizen entitled to a fair trial and the constitutional right to the presumption of innocence.

Cases are not decided in the media, they are decided by sworn testimony in a court of law. No one should come to any conclusions about a mother charged with manslaughter, other than her innocence, from what is heard in the media.

Prosecutors have leaked information about the death of her 4-year-old son, Nicholas Odze and alleged that she gave him, a Lunesta, a sleeping pill. They have made public, toxicology tests conducted as part of the toddler’s autopsy. This is unfair and prejudices her ability to have a fair trial.

As Gerry Spence, so brilliantly taught me, if we allow the destruction of the rights of any accused, none of us are ever safe from the law that stands to protect us.