While the economy may be out of control, there should be a certain sense of mutual desire in the personal injury industry. Traditionally insurance companies, and large self insured defendants view December as the best time to unload expensive and time consuming cases. Lawyers that represent people should spend some extra time this month to focus on those cases that can and should be settled.

Aronfeld Trial Lawyers settled last week two cases. One involved the failure to diagnose a sarcoma cancer (the man died) and the other case was on behalf of a lady who slipped and fell at a Florida Wall-Mart on a grape, causing her to tear her rotator cuff.

We have pending a number of cases ranging from plastic surgery malpractice to slip and falls on cruise ships.

Our Florida personal injury law firm is focused this month on the cases we believe will result in fair compensation for our clients now rather than waiting out a costly jury trial and or appeal.

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