If you’re involved in a personal injury case, you would likely need a personal injury attorney. With many law firms to select from, finding the right fit may be daunting. You may want to ask some questions before choosing to sieve the best from the lists. In this article are some of the right questions to ask. But before we go further, it’s important we know what qualifies as a personal injury case. 

What is Covered in Personal Injury?

Personal injury covers a variety of things that can result in harm to the mind or body, such as car accidents, slips, and falls, medical malpractice, physical assault and battery, rape and sexual assault, etc. 

Most personal injury attorneys may handle several forms of personal injury cases listed here, however, only a few may handle all types of cases. This is because some cases such as medical malpractice require lawyers who have built experience over time. 

Some Questions You Should Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

What is Your Contingency Fee?

Unlike other court cases where your attorney states his fee outrightly, most personal injury attorneys charge based on a contingency fee agreement. This means, their client won’t make any payment to them unless there’s a monetary recovery for damages. This agreement means you won’t be paying any fee upfront. Instead, the lawyer will receive a certain amount of the money that you’re awarded upon the resolution of the case. In most cases, the contingency fee is between 20%–40% of the total money, although it can be negotiated.

Since When Have You Being Practicing

Part of your concerns when hiring a personal injury attorney is to choose one that has experience—especially in handling your type of case. So, when you’re consulting an attorney, don’t be scared about asking them how long they have practiced, and while you’re at it, find out their success rate as well. If they don’t have a record of winning previous similar cases, you would be taking a risk working with them.

Will I Still Pay You If I Lose?

This is one of the most important questions to ask. Personal injury cases can be complex, and the outcome can either be in your favor or leave your finances in ruins. Usually, there are costs that are incurred in a court case, the longer a case stays in court, the more costs are incurred. You should find out from your attorney how they handle such expenses.

In a personal injury case, costs you may incur include medical record retrieval fees, filing fees, and costs from other activities carried out in order to further your case. While some attorneys may charge you for these costs, regardless of if you win or not, others may not. So enquire from your attorney which category he belongs to.

What is The Worth of My Personal Injury?

There are several complexities in personal injury cases and it may be difficult to give a precise estimate of what a case is worth as each case is unique. However, looking at the details and factors surrounding your case, your attorney may have an idea of what your case would be worth.

You should know that factors such as your attorney’s skill in trying court cases as well as his ability in negotiating with insurance companies can also affect your case’s value. If your attorney has a record of taking cases to court and not opting for out-of-court settlements, then they would be prepared to fight for your case for a maximum offer. On the other hand, if they are known for out-of-court settlements, then it’s likely yours may end up that way, and you may receive a lesser value than what your case is actually worth.

How Long Will it Take to Resolve My Case?

Depending on the severity of injuries and damages done, settlement negotiations can take a lot of time. Asides from the financial costs that are incurred in prolonged court cases, there is also mental, physical, and emotional strain involved. Your attorney may be able to give you an estimate of how long it would take to resolve your case. 

There are many variables to consider which are beyond your attorney’s ability that can also affect how long your case stays in the court. Some of these variables include the complexity of the case, the unwillingness of the opposing party to settle, court calendars, etc. You can only hope that your attorney has sufficient experience to push through and speed up the case.

Will My Case Go to Trial

Not all cases ever make it to trial, especially in cases of personal injury. In most cases, the offending party may plead with the victim to opt for a settlement. Depending on the situation, a settlement may be used to save time and costs, and reduce emotional traumas, although it is not always in the victim’s favor. A court trial may be the best way for the victim to get justice. So, asking your attorney if your case would go to trial is an important question to ask. Some attorneys may be unwilling to put in the work and choose to opt for settlement instead. 

What Are The Challenges in My Case?

There are always challenges with every court case, it’s not always a smooth ride. Because you’re not familiar with legal matters, you may be unaware of factors that can influence the outcome of your case, therefore make sure to ask your attorney so that you would know what to expect. A good attorney would let you in on the things that are likely to affect your case. But you should know, it’s often difficult to predict legal matters. Even with sufficient evidence, losing is still possible. 

Cases of personal injury should not be taken lightly. When not properly handled, they can result in lifetime traumas, hence, they require the best legal representation. Finding a competent personal injury attorney is therefore essential. You can find one by visiting; https://www.aronfeld.com/.


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