Low T drugs are expensive, and they can be unnecessary and even potentially dangerous to take.

As a lawyer who sues drug low T drug companies, I find it ironic that most costly prescription drugs, such as AndroGel, also happen have the largest advertising budgets. It is also how these drugs are marketed directly to men that troubles me.

Full-page advertisements paid for by the makers or low testosterone drugs are found in men’s magazines. Similar ads pepper internet sports blogs, asking these kinds of intimate questions:

  • “Have you noticed a recent deterioration of your ability to play sports?”
  • “Do you have a decrease in sex drive?”
  • “Do you have low energy?”

Most men would say yes, although not to anyone other than to their doctor, which is precisely the aim of the ads. They encourage men (preferably those with good health insurance) to ask their physicians to diagnose them with a newly-minted medical condition called Low Testosterone or more commonly, Low T.

One might conclude that Low T is a medical condition made up by drug companies in order to sell a product that was not needed, considering just how much Low Testosterone Drugs cost.
According to a recent New York Times article, Axiron, a testosterone gel made by Eli Lilly & Company, retails for over $500 a month. That may explain why Abbott Laboratories, the maker of the Testosterone replacement drug AndroGel, spent nearly $100 million to advertise that product alone, just last year.

Risk of Low Testosterone Gels: Are They Bad For You?

Testosterone replacement therapy comes in many forms. Perhaps the most common is a gel that is absorbed through the skin much like a roll-on deodorant. Sales of this type of Low T drug generated over $2 billion in America last year alone, and many believe sales will exceed $4 billion by 2014.

The danger lies in the unknown long-term risks of using the gels. In fact, many physicians that we work with do not believe that erectile dysfunction is related to a low testosterone level. Last month the FDA announced that it is monitoring Low T drugs, after two reports found that users had a higher risk for heart attack and stroke. To date, the FDA has not recalled any of the approved medications.

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