In 2014 Royal Caribbean International, a Miami, Florida-based cruise line, became the largest cruise line in the world in terms of passenger capacity. Since then, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has carried more people on holiday voyages than any other cruise company, and everything indicates that they have no intention to slow down.

By the end of 2014, Royal Caribbean could provide cruise accommodation to 64,150 on its 22 ships, but by mid-2016 Royal Caribbean had capacity for 77,950 passengers. The growth came from adding three mega-ships to its fleet in the intervening period. More is on the horizon for Royal Caribbean. The company announced that in April 2018, the Symphony of the Seas will make its maiden voyage as the largest cruise ship in the world.

Latest Mega-ship from Royal Caribbean

While Royal Caribbean’s new ship is still being constructed in France, the Symphony of the Seas will boast numerous impressive features and statistics. The ship will measure 1,188 feet in length, with 18 decks and 24 guest elevators to access each level. It will be able to accommodate 5,494 guests on a single voyage within its 2,775 rooms. The ship will host the largest waterslide on the ocean, measuring 100 feet in height, and the vessel will be staffed by 2,175 crew members.

In addition to all these record-breaking numbers, Symphony of the Seas will incorporate the latest in technology, including robotic bartenders, new routes and destinations for Royal Caribbean, all featuring the cruise line’s now famous layout of distinct “neighborhoods.” All these features and the associated machinery mean Symphony of the Seas will weigh 230,000 GT (gross tons), also making it the heaviest cruise ship out there.

The initial voyage of Symphony of the Seas will head to European ports, with Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Florence, Pisa, and Rome among the highlight destinations of its summer season. From there, Symphony of the Seas will sail towards Miami’s gigantic cruise port. The ship will spend the winter season cruising the Caribbean’s most popular spots along with a few surprising ports of call, including a stop in Haiti.

What It Means to be the Biggest

The information provided about the Symphony of the Seas is causing an understandable level of excitement among cruise passengers, travel agents, and industry representatives. However, operating not just one, not two, but four of the biggest mega-ships in the world for passenger travel carries certain risks. These risks apply both to Royal Caribbean, as a company, and those passengers who book passage aboard these big boats.

With so many passengers on a single boat, there is a far greater need for cruise ship safety demonstrations, procedures, and other safety precautions. It can be incredibly difficult for a cruise company to impart all the necessary information to its guests, train 2,175 staff competently and thoroughly, and check each detail of a boat with 18 decks and a weight of 230,000 GT. As well, simply having this imense number of passengers on a ship will inevitably lead to accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

All this impressive scale and growth by Royal Caribbean means bigger business for the company, but it also means that gaps in proper training or oversight by Royal Caribbean become more likely. The cruise line must provide the same attention to safety and protocol on Symphony of the Seas as its other mega-ships, not to even mention the other 22 ships in its fleet. Even on a brand-new boat, loose carpet, an irresponsible bartender, or mismarking a hazard could lead to Royal Caribbean’s liability for personal injuries.

Hurt Aboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

The amenities and awesome features aboard a cruise ship such as Symphony of the Seas are incredibly enticing to people planning a holiday. However, if your experience aboard a mega-ship ends with a less than enticing injury or illness, you should speak with an experienced cruise ship injury lawyer. More than likely, any claim you have must be filed in Miami, Florida, and a cruise ship lawyer in this location can be a huge asset to your case.

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