The Case Against Mirena

IUDs or intrauterine devices are a common and effective method of birth control used by millions of American women. IUDs are small T-shaped medical devices, inserted by a gynecologist in an office setting. Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals,Inc.,the manufacturer of Mirena, claims that once in place, their IUD releases a hormone into the uterus that can provide birth control for up to five years. However, Mirena is now being sued by hundreds of women who are experiencing very scary health problems.

The FDA initially approved Mirena in 2000; since that time there have been reports of serious adverse reactions including infection, infertility, ectopic and intrauterine pregnancies, embedment and perforation of the uterine wall and cervix. In 2008, in response to these problems the FDA required Mirena to bolster its warnings.

Moreover, a year later, in 2009 the FDA expanded its approval for Mirena to include women who suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding.

More and more women are experiencing health-related problems with their Mirena IUDs. Today I looked at a case where the device had actually migrated up the abdominal cavity and lodged itself in the patient’s rib cage. As of today, the FDA has not issued a recall of the Mirena IUD. To learn more about how the FDA approves medical devices like the Mirena IUD please read my article for the Huffington Post: “The FDA’s Dangerous Death Race.”

Several hundred women have already filed Mirena lawsuits across the country. Many of these cases are pending in Bergen County, New Jersey, in front of Judge Brian Martinotti, the same judge who is hearing the Stryker hip implant case that I filed earlier this year on behalf of a South Florida woman. In addition dozens of federal lawsuits already filed against Bayer have been consolidated or grouped together into a multidistrict litigation in the Southern District of New York. Those cases are assigned to Federal Judge Cathy Seibel. (In Re: Mirena IUD Products Liability Litigation, MDL Docket No. 2434, JPMDL). The lawsuits against Mirena allege that Bayer failed to warn the public of its dangerous side effects, made false claims and knowingly sold and distributed a defective product.

We are currently investigating claims on behalf of several women who have encountered issues with their Mirena IUDs. As an IUD injury lawyer, I strongly recommend that women who have an IUD immediately consult with their doctor about these recent finding and consider other less harmful forms of birth control. In addition, it is very important that Mirena patients speak with a lawyer that has experience in suing drug companies in order to protect their legal rights. Victims of Mirena IUDs are entitled to file a claim and potentially receive compensation for pain and suffering and any injury that is caused by the use of this product. If you have experienced any issues with this device, please contact Spencer Aronfeld at Aronfeld Trial Lawyers in Miami for a free and confidential legal consultation.