An MRI is considered the ‘gold standard’ of diagnostic tests that are important for both doctors and lawyers in determining the severity and exact injuries to the personal injury claimant. In many ways, the MRI can provide the information necessary to win your personal injury case.

What is an MRI?

An MRI is a noninvasive diagnostic test that takes detailed images of the soft tissues of the body. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and they have been around for decades, to diagnose orthopedic, neurological, and even cardiac problems. Personal Injury lawyers like to rely on MRI results to prove or defend personal injury claims – because they can show a jury or insurance adjuster what an X-ray cannot.

How does an MRI work?

Patients are asked to lay down on a narrow bed that contains a giant magnet and are pushed into an MRI machine that coordinates the body’s magnetic fields while a low frequency radio wave absorbs the slight variations and spins that occur in the body. The magnets in MRIs pick up on the tiny magnetic fields spinning around in the proton and hydrogen atoms contained in the human body and take pictures of the soft tissues surrounding bones, joints, tendons and nerves.

An MRI’s value in your personal injury case

The advanced detail provided in MRIs can show different information than what is reveled in an X-ray or CT scan.  Therefore, it can oftentimes increase the value of your personal injury case.  An MRI can detail the full extent of a person’s injuries and prove to a jury or an insurance adjuster just how severe the injuries are.  An MRI along with doctor’s notes are important evidence and will help maximize your recovery in a personal injury case. It is important that a Board-certified radiologist analyzes the results of an MRI. An MRI can reveal:

* Traumatic Brain Injury
* Fractures
* Herniated discs
* Pinched nerves
* Spinal cord compression
* Torn ligaments and tendons

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