Red Vines licorice has been found to have toxic levels of lead. The American Licorice Company of Union City California makes Red Vines. According to the FDA, Red Vines sold in the one pound bag with the “Best Before Date” of February 4, 2013 has been recalled due to dangerously high lead levels.

Lead can potentially cause health problems, especially for small children and pregnant women. Lead poisoning can cause accidental brain damage. The symptoms of lead poisoning are vague and are often confused with other conditions. Some people have no obvious symptoms. The only way to know if there is lead in your body is to have a blood lead test.

Red Vines are made from molasses, wheat flour, corn syrup, caramel coloring, licorice extract, salt, and anise flavor. I am not sure how lead found its way into the recipe. According to Red Vines, an internal investigation into how the licorice became contaminated with lead is already underway.

The best layer advice I can give is that If you have Red Vines in your possession, do not to eat the candy and return it to the store your purchased it from.

If you have accidentally consumed the recalled candy, our Permbroke Pines injury lawyers urge you to immediately contact your doctor to determine if lead poisoning testing is required.