After a Florida car accident, one relationship that can unexpectedly become complicated is the one with your insurance provider. What many people do not anticipate is your car insurance company is not always on your side. There are specific monetary interests that drive the company’s consideration and investigation of your claim, and these considerations can be directly conflict with your financial interests.

The Costs that Create Conflict

You purchased insurance specifically to protect your financial interests in the event of an accident. From this grows an implicit belief that your insurance company is also there to protect your financial interests. However, the insurance company is also a for-profit entity. Payment of premiums is income, while paying out claims is a loss. Therefore, correctly valuing risk and paying as little as possible for a claim is essential to maximizing profit.
This balance of risk, premiums, and payouts will drive the insurance company’s priorities, not your needs. It is essential to keep this priority in mind when you interact with their representatives after an accident, and each conversation should be strategic to ensure you protect your own interests in the insurance company/customer relationship.

Conversations with Insurance Companies

After an accident, the first conversation with your insurance company is critical. When this conversation happens you should be calm and collected. Two emotions you are probably not experiencing immediately after an accident. Instead, this is a time to speak with legal representatives, family members, and handle medical needs.

Do not admit fault or guilt for the accident. Even if the officer on the scene cited you, you do not want to accept blame to your insurance company. The adjuster will make this determination independently, but your admission of blame could only be used against you. Avoid the words, “It was my fault,” or “I caused the accident.” Instead provide just the facts of the accident.

Lastly, you want to avoid quantifying or disqualifying your medical needs. An insurance company will be concerned with property damage and medical costs related to your accident. You want to provide accurate information on both of these aspects of an accident, but injuries may not become apparent until later on. Therefore, do not try to assess your own injuries or make financial speculations about personal injury.

This Does Not Mean Lie

Never lie to your insurance company. It is unhelpful and unnecessary to deceive an insurance adjuster. The company will do its own research into the police report, medical records, and other evidence of the Florida car accident. Lies and inaccurate statements will only complicate your relationship with the insurance company later on.

Instead, answer the questions of an insurance adjuster directly and succulently. It can be helpful to run through the likely questions with an accident attorney. Only provide information as it is requested. As well, your insurance company should not require you to answer questions on video or film.

Conversations with Your Lawyer

At Aronfeld Trial Lawyers our clients often find their interests adverse to an insurance company. Unfortunately, these individuals often wait until after an initial discussion or formal interview with an insurance adjuster to contact a lawyer. Early conversations with a lawyer can avoid costly statements to your insurance company or providing unnecessary and unhelpful information. This is why it is so important not to speak to anyone about your accident until you’ve consulted with and hired a qualified Florida car accident attorney to assist with your case.

This augments the conflict and makes future interactions with the insurance company more difficult and tenuous. Speaking with an accident attorney early can prevent a lot of heartache over your insurance claim, and a qualified lawyer can help you navigate. Call our personal injury law firm in Miami, Florida office at 305–441–0440 or toll free at 1-866-597-4529. You can also send us an email describing your case to We are ready to help you receive the compensation you deserve.