As a Miami Gardens rollover car crash lawyer I am frequently asked by clients what kind of car would I recommend they purchase. While most people would think that a Miami personal injury attorney would recommend a Ferrari or Aston Martin, I really believe that the safer the car the better. Generally speaking, our Miami-Dade County car accident injury lawyers recommend the following 4 things be considered before purchasing or leasing your next car, minivan, crossover or truck. I just purchased my wife a Volvo XC-90 and here is why:

Crash-worthiness means how well a particular car or truck will protect its occupants in a crash. We all know that we will get in car accidents, the only question is when and how serious. So we recommend that you consider the following 4 things before the purchase or lease of your families next car, truck, minivan, or crossover. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rates vehicles based on “good,” “acceptable,” and “poor.” They test high-speed front and side, rollover and seat/head restraints. They do not, for some inexplicable reason, test rear-end crashes. Is your current car, truck, minivan a Top Safety Pick? Click here to find out.

1. The heavier the better. That means, the heavier the car the less likely the occupants will be injured in a car wreck.

2. The bigger the better. Bumper height of a Mini-Cooper is significantly lower than that of a Hummer. You want your bumper to be as high as possible.

3. The newer the better. Tremendous gains have been made in vehicle safety technology in recent years. Improvements in airbags, anti-lock brakes, bumpers, and electronic stability control can vastly reduce the severity of accidents and injuries. Crash avoidance technology help the driver operate a vehicle more safely by utilizing warnings and automatic braking to avoid crashes. Volvo invented a system called “Blind Spot Info System (BLIS)” which is a camera that helps drivers visualize the presence of cars in their blind spots. Forward collision warning and mitigation systems alert the driver when the vehicle is getting to close to or in front of it. Lane departure warnings and preventions systems use cameras to track the vehicle’s position within the lane, alerting drivers to a danger if they inadvertently stray across lane markings. Fatigue warning systems will use sophisticated algorithms that combine a drivers eye blink rate and duration contrasted against driving behavior to alert a driver who seems inattentive or who may have fallen asleep.

4. Back That Thing Up. Back up detection systems can save the life of a small child that is behind a vehicle but obscured from site. Utilizing either a camera or radar mounted on the rear bumper, drivers are provided a view of objects located behind a vehicle. According to Kids in Cars.Org a national organization devoted to the protection and safety of children and cars, at least fifty children are being backed over by vehicles in the United States EVERY week resulting in 2 fatalities. Sadly, the average age of victims of back up and back over incidents is one year old. Most back up accidents involve trucks, vans and SUVs with nearly all of the drivers being a parent or close relative.

Our Coral Springs car wreck lawyers hope you will never get into accident. We are dedicated and passionate about keeping our Florida’s drivers and passengers safe.