Why Us

Why Us

Aronfeld Trial Lawyers is a cruise ship injury law firm that was founded in 1991 by Spencer Aronfeld with the sole purpose of representing people who have been seriously injured during their cruise.  We help people who have been hurt on a cruise around the world.  Our clients are passengers and their families who have been involved in accidents while on a cruise, in a port or gangway.  


The firm focuses on holding major cruise lines accountable when they place their profits over the safety of passengers.  These cases include slips and falls on wet decks, down dangerous staircases, elevator malfunctions, poor lighting, elevated thresholds, slippery gangways, ice skating rink accidents, cruise ship medical malpractice, FlowRider (surf machines) and zip lines, cruise ship water park accidents, spa injuries from careless massage workers, basketball courts on cruise ships and many more. 

carnival sensation in port canaveral

In addition to the typical cruise accident case, these Miami based maritime lawyers also have investigated hundreds of cases of sexual assault and rape on cruise ships.  These types of crimes often go unreported or the cruise line tries to get the information from the public.  Sexual assaults on cruises occur between crew members and passengers as well as passenger on passenger cases.  


When a passenger claims to have been raped on a cruise ship there are very specific policies and protocols that the cruise line is required to follow in investigating the claim.  There are evidence protection procedures as well as both physical and mental assistance that cruise ship passengers that have been assaulted must be provided.  Sadly, the cruise lines often fail to follow their own procedures and crucial evidence is lost. 


Additionally, since these types of incidents often occur in international waters there is a question as to which jurisdiction is ultimately responsible to investigate and prosecute sexual assaults at sea. Sadly, many cases are never criminally prosecuted.  Which is why it is vitally important that a passenger who has been assaulted, raped or falsely imprisoned while on a cruise hires an experienced maritime lawyer who knows how to hold major cruises lines accountable in a civil case. 


There have been many cases for sexual assault brought against cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, MSC and others by passengers who claim they have been raped by another passenger while they had been under the influence of alcohol- and then they blame the cruise line for overserving them alcohol.


Cruise lines have a legal duty or a responsibility to not overserve their passengers alcohol as it has been shown to lead to an increase in slip and falls, trip and falls, sexual assault, fights, riots and other cruise ship related personal injury claims. 


The over service of alcohol is due in large part to the “all you can drink” drink packages that all cruises offer passengers.  The all inclusive package have been shown to encourage people to drink more than they typically would- and as a result lose inhibitions as was well as key motor functions that can lead to an increase in cruise injuries- especially on wet and slippery decks, dark and steep staircases, slippery dance floors and sexual assault and rapes on cruise ships.


Selecting the right lawyer and law firm to sue Carnival, or to sue Royal Caribbean or to sue Celebrity or to sue Norwegian Cruise Lines or to sue Disney Cruise Line or to Celebrity Cruise Lines or to sue MSC Cruise Lines is very important.  They need to have the experience, money and guts to take on these corporate giants. 


Cruise ship lawsuits are filed and litigated primarily in federal court in Miami, Florida where all the major cruise ship companies maintain their corporate headquarters.  The cruise lines have the very best and most experienced lawyers in the industry representing them.  You need a lawyer who can take them on and win. 

Speak to a cruise ship injury lawyer today.  Call us for a free consultation on your cruise industry case. We are ready to help. We help people who have been injured on a cruise, or a shore excursion from around the world.  We are available to speak on Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Telephone, or Text.