As a Florida medical malpractice lawyer, I meet with families everyday that are suffering from as a result of botched surgery or negligent care. One of the first things we do in analyzing a potential claim is to research the doctor.

Clients are amazed that within seconds, we are able to tell them that about the doctor’s background, education and claims history. Most of this information is easily found on the Florida Department of Health’s website, but few patients, if any, take the time to do research until it is too late.

We strongly recommend anyone who is selecting a doctor to take a few minutes and research the physician. You need to know the following:

1. Is the doctor licensed?

2. Where did the doctor attend medical school?

3. Is the doctor Board Certified by an AMA accredited organization for the procedure?

4. Does the doctor have hospital staff privileges?
5. Has the doctor been sanctioned?

6. Does the doctor have medical malpractice insurance?.

7. Has the doctor been disciplined?

8. Has the doctor been subject to a public complaint?
While there are no guarantees in medicine, our Miami malpractice lawyers believe you can certainly improve your chances of a positive outcome by taking the time to research your doctor.