Florida’s Judge and Juries Hate Plastic Surgery Medical Malpractice Cases

Judges and juries dislike medical malpractice cases in Florida especially if they deal with an elective cosmetic procedure or botched plastic surgery. One would want to believe that in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, places where just about everyone and their mothers have undergone either a breast augmentation or tummy tuck, South Florida jurors and judges [Read More]

Suing Florida’s Doctors and Hospitals Just Got a Lot Harder-Thanks Governor Scott

I am a Miami lawyer who sues doctors and hospitals on behalf of injured Florida's injured patients and their families for over twenty years. I have sadly watched the legal rights of injured patients get whittled away since I started practicing law in 1991. But nothing compares to the machete that Florida's Governor Rick Scott [Read More]

How Much is My Medical Malpractice Case Worth?

As a Broward County medmal attorney, I do not agree with a recent report indicating that researchers from Harvard, University of Southern Californian and the Rand Corporation, finding that doctors who specialize in areas considered "low-risk" like pediatricians and psychiatrist are less likely to get sued in comparison with "high-risk" specialties like surgeons, particularly neurosurgeons. [Read More]