This One if for you Doc: 5 Ways Not to Get Sued for Malpractice

I am a Florida medical malpractice lawyer and yes, I sue doctors for a living. Like the saying goes "some of my best friends are....doctors." Two of my friends have actually continued on from medical school to become incredible lawyers. For the most part, when I meet doctors, be it in line at the movies, [...]

“Strax Strikes Back” by Suing NBC News for Libel in Plastic Surgery Death Case

The expression "shooting the messenger" took on new meaning when Strax Rejuvenation the high volume South Florida plastic surgery center we are suing on behalf of a number of patients and their families claiming to be victims of plastic surgery malpractice; filed its own lawsuit against NBC News and its famed reporter Williard Sheppard for [...]

1 out of 3 U.S. Hospital Patients: Victim of Medical Mistakes

As a Florida hospital mistake lawyer, I was not surprised when a recent study revealed that one in three people in the United States will encounter some kind of medical mistake during hospitalization. A new and more accurate tool for measuring hospital errors revealed 10 times more mistakes that the older methods. [youtube][/youtube] "Without doubt, [...]


On April 6, 2011 Miami personal injury lawyer Spencer Aronfeld will be speaking at the University of Miami School of Law.. The topic will be: how to make your own law firm upon graduation from law school and lunch will be served. The event is open to the public as well as students from both [...]


As a South Florida medical mistake lawyer, I strongly advise any patient considering an elective procedure to undergo a thorough evaluation by a physician not involved in the potential surgery. Since financial gains may motivate some doctors to proceed when the risks of a procedure outweigh any potential benefit there is an inherent conflict of [...]
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