How to Choose A Florida Lawyer-Hire an Expert

As a Miami expert lawyer in specializing in civil trials, I believe that the lawyer one chooses can have a profound affect on the outcome of a given case, whether it be an administrative law issue or a zoning matter. The Florida Bar makes selecting and hiring an appropriate and qualified expert easier by carefully allowing only certain lawyers to claim that they are experts in a particular area.

The Florida Bar certifies expert lawyers in Admiralty and Maritime, Adoption Law, Anti-Trust and Trade, Appellate Practice, Aviation, Business Litigation, Government Law, Civil Trial, Construction Law, Criminal Appellate, Criminal Trial, Education Law, Elder, Health, Immigration, Intellectual, International, Labor, Family, Real Estate, State and Federal Government, Tax, Wills and Trusts and Estates and Worker’s Compensation.

According to Florida Bar Rule 4-7.2(c)(3) only lawyers certified in these areas can use the words “specialize,” “expert” or “expertise.” So even lawyers who devote their entire careers to a certain area of the law are forbidden to claim they are experts unless the Florida Bar has certified them.