Injured Getting On or Off a Cruise Ship

As an experienced cruise ship passenger injury attorney we are contacted from injured passengers and their local attorneys from around the world. Many are surprised to learn that regardless of where the ship embarks or departs, most cruise lines have buried in the tiny print of their tickets legal language that requires that any cruise ship injury claim be filed in Miami at the United States Federal Court, Southern District also known as Federal Court.

Many people are injured disembarking their cruise ships either on the tender or on excursions. Florida law is clear that cruise ships have a non-delegable duty to provide safe transportation between the ship and shore. Cruise lines try to defend these injuries by claiming that they are not responsible for negligence caused by the tenders because they do not own or control them.

Currently our cruise ship injury lawyers are representing in Federal Court, a Texas woman who was severely injured when her leg was caught between a tender and the dock in the Cayman Islands port of George Town. She was a passenger on Carnival Cruise Lines Conquest. After her fall she was taken to George Town Hospital where a crush fracture was diagnosed. The case is currently set for jury trial for June 2011.