For many adults wishing to go on a relaxing cruise vacation, the thought of having to share this experience with children seems far from a vacation. A cruise can be a wonderful family trip, but many travelers wish to have this vacation without the presence of small children. Luckily for them, Virgin Voyages will be debuting the first ‘adults-only’ cruise, set to depart from Miami in 2020.

Virgin Voyages, a company owned by celebrity business mogul, Richard Branson, will be debuting the very first adults-only ship, named the Scarlet Lady, with a voyage from Miami to the Caribbean in 2020. This ship comes decked out what 78 luxury “Rock Star Suites,” all of which are located on the ship’s 15th deck. It also has what are called Mega Rock Star Suites, which will be divided into additional categories, titled Massive, Fab, Posh and Gorgeous.

When they say the phrase “rock star,” Virgin means it quite literally. The Rock Star Massive Suite features a music room that comes stocked with guitars, an amp and special private deck, looking out to the front of the ship. These suites also come with a private terrace with a standing hot tub, as well as a “runway” table for entertaining guests.

Instead of referring to people who are traveling on the cruise as passengers, Virgin refers to its guests on this ship as “Rock Star sailors.” These “Rock Star sailors” get the VIP treatment with private airport transfers, access to an exclusive terminal pathway, as well as the ability to submit rider sheets, just as if they were real life rock stars.

The suites are all designed with the rock theme, and many of the rooms are designed with icons in mind, such as Grace Jones. The bathrooms are all designed with a retro-futuristic theme, including deep blue colors and other iridescent elements to mimic being under the sea. Any guest that stays in one of these suites will also have access to an outdoor lounge called Richard’s Rooftop.

The company says that it has created this cruise experience with a special type of customer in mind: the traveler who would not normally consider taking a cruise. This first ship is one of three that Virgin Voyages as planned. The other two are planned to debut in 2021 and 2022.

The Scarlet Lady was built by Fincantieri, and it weighs 110,000 gross tons, stretching for 278 meters in length and 38 meters in width. It is equipped to carry 2,770 “Rock Star sailors,” along with 1,160 crew members. Virgin designed the ship to look almost like a luxury yacht, with red highlights that are synonymous with the Virgin brand.

All of the 20 different dining and drinking options on the ship are unique from what you would normally see on cruise ships. All of the restaurants, however, are included in the ship’s fare with no upcharges.

The ship will also include amenities including outdoor recreational spaces, outdoor lounges, onboard tattoo and body piercing parlors. The ship will also be taking a “greener” stance, not allowing single-use plastic, including plastic straws, bottles, stirrers, and condiment packs.

The first voyage of the Scarlet Lady is set for Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2020.


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