Recent studies show that pediatric use of prescription medication is at all time levels. Medco Health Solutions reports that the increase is nearly four times higher than the overall population.

As a Miami product liability and wrongful death attorney, I am concerned that parents may innocently give their children adult prescription medication without knowing the affects. Lunesta, the prescription sleep aid is made by Sepracor, Inc.; and buried in its Medication Guide, it says “Lunesta is not for children.”

This warning is on page two of four pages, not in bold letters nor listed under the “most important information” the manufacturer wants users to know.

Many parents, who have prescription medication at home, simply may not know the harmful and potentially lethal affects that Lunesta or other medications may have on children.

To prevent another child from being harmed drug companies should do the following:

1. Place warnings written in bold, bright red letters and on bottle labels.

2. Create a universal icon with a child and a round circle with a red strike should be on every prescription drug not suited for children.

It is my hope as a Miami drug lawyer and a parent, that no one will mistakenly believe that Lunesta or other medications can safely be given to children.