Swiss-owned mega cruise line MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) is gearing up for what will be their most exciting cruise ship launch to date. The soon-to-set-sail, gargantuan MSC Meraviglia will embark on its maiden voyage in June of 2017. Able to accommodate 5,714 guests, the Meraviglia will be one of the largest cruise ships in its fleet, just behind its competitor, Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas, with its capacity of 6,700 passengers.

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The ship will feature a number of exciting features, one of which is the collaboration between MSC and Cirque Du Soleil, which will be creating shows exclusively for the cruise ship. In addition to first-class entertainment, the ship will be equipped with high-tech features, thanks to another new partnership with South Korean electronics giant Samsung. Some of these additions will include an augmented-reality device that can show shoppers what they would look like in designer clothes sold in the ship’s retail shops, without having to try them on. There also will be no need to tote around any cash or credit cards while on board; purchases can be made using a smart bracelet that doubles as a locator to keep track on your children’s whereabouts on the ship, which may come in handy when they run off to the ship’s water park, which boasts three giant waterslide rides.

For those whose sole purpose in going on a cruise is to “get away from it all” and disconnect from technology, MSC’s Executive Chairman, Pierfrancesco Vago, had this to say: “”We’re turning the idea of ‘turning it all off’ on its head and enabling our guests to use technology to enhance their life onboard by helping them to better plan their cruise and get the most out of their holiday. The important point is that guests can choose what information they receive and how much they engage with the technology.”

For some guests, having access to the latest gadgets while at sea is important in deciding which ship to book, allowing them to stay connected and enjoy a unique cruise experience. These enhancements keep the ever-growing cruise market engaged. According to Cruise Market Watch, the number of cruise passengers from 1990-2015 has risen by an annual compound growth of 12.6%. At that rate, it is estimated that the numbers of passengers booking cruises will jump to 25.3 million in 2019 from 22.3 million in 2015.

Like many other companies within the tourism and travel industry, cruise lines had been contending with dwindling numbers due to global travel deterrents such as terrorist attacks or health concerns. Thankfully recent reports have shown that the tourism industry has been able to rebound from those setbacks fairly quickly. What’s our main take-away from all this? Get ready for a major boom for the cruise line industry in the years to come!

Contacting an Experienced Miami Cruise Ship Lawyer

Pain and suffering, costly medical bills, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment during your vacation are some of the most common problems associated with cruise ship accidents. Even though they fall under personal injury laws, many personal injury lawyers in the US lack adequate experience in handling these types of cases. What many people injured on cruise ships don’t realize is that no matter where the ship was sailing to, the case must be litigated here in Miami in Federal court, where many of the cruise lines such as Royal CaribbeanNorwegian, and Carnival have their corporate offices.

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