Happy Birthday, America!

Please let this Fourth of July be a happy and safe occasion for everyone. We know that nothing is more exciting than celebrating our nation’s independence with a cookout, parade, and fireworks watching with friends and family.

As you can see in the video above, every year we like to remind families to stay safe during the 4th of July. We are committed to family safety, and we urge all our friends and clients to leave the fireworks to professionals, focusing on the hot dogs and apple pie. However, if you must light fireworks, we strongly recommend that you heed the advice of the National Council on Fireworks Safety by following these safety tips:

  1. Don’t Drink and Light Fireworks. Alcohol and fireworks simply don’t mix. Save your celebratory toast for after the show.
  2. Keep the Kids Away. Fireworks are for adults only. Don’t let children or young teens light fireworks.
  3. Keep it Outdoors. Under no circumstances should fireworks be lit inside you home, garage, or near anything flammable, like your gas grill.
  4. Wear Safety Glasses when Lighting Fireworks.
  5. Don’t Relight a Dud. If the firecracker does not work, soak it in a bucket of water for at least 20 minutes and then dispose of it.
  6. Keep a Bucket of Water Close and hose turned on–nearby.
  7. One at a Time–Don’t try to recreate Disney’s fireworks display for your friends and neighbors. Light just one at a time.
  8. Don’t Try to Make Homemade Devices. Buy your fireworks, if you must, from a reputable vendor.
  9. Check your Local Laws and regulations. For example, the City of Coral Gables, where we maintain our personal injury law firm, hosts a spectacular event each year for free at the Biltmore Hotel. However, fireworks–including sparklers–are not permitted to be used by individuals at the event.
  10. Always Have One Designated Shooter–This will avoid confusion and potential accidents by having several people trying to light fireworks simultaneously.

For more information about fireworks safety, visit www.FireworksSafety.org.

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