MSC Cruise Line announced its newest vessel, the MSC World Europa. The massive ship will be four decks higher than the current size leader in the industry, Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas, and is slated for arrival in December 2022.

MSC World Europa will debut in the Middle East with sailings that include a visit to Saudi Arabia, a destination not frequented by many cruise ships.

The ship will be 1,093 feet long, making it longer than any other MSC vessel ever built. One of the signature features of the ship will be its promenade, which will be half open to the sky and half-covered by an LED light screen. The light screen will light up with different displays throughout the day.

The promenade will include a ‘record-breaking dry slide’ called, The Spiral that plunges 11 decks from the top of the ship to the promenade area.  

The MSC World Europa will be one of the most pool-covered ships at sea, with six pools and 14 hot tubs. There will also be multiple waterslides at the ship’s Aquapark.

Passengers will have 13 dining areas and six specialty restaurants to choose from.  Two new dining options will include: The Chef’s Garden Kitchen, featuring a cuisine focused on microgreens, and La Pescaderia, a traditional seafood grill with alfresco seating.

MSC World Europa will also feature its own craft beer— a first for MSC Cruises. The Masters of the Sea Pub, as it will be called, will span two decks.  A Mixology Bar, called Elixir will feature a variety of signature cocktails. The ship will also have a widely stocked Gin Bar and a South Asian style tearoom filled with perfumes from the East.

MSC World Europa will have19 different types of cabins seven of which are new for the line. Some of these include: Cabins and suites with balconies that overlook the ship’s interior promenade, and giant duplex MSC Yacht Club suites with living and dining room areas.

In addition, the ship will have the first “infinite ocean view” cabins with walls of glass facing the sea that open from the top down to create a balcony-like effect. 

Departing Dubai on March 25, 2023, MSC World Europa will reposition to the Mediterranean for a series of seven-night cruises to ports in Italy, France, Malta, and Spain.

As always, we recommend that before you book your cruise, that you visit the CDC’s website where you can research different cruise ships to see how they performed in their last inspection. These random inspections verify that ships are maintaining a healthy and safe environment on board. Now in a post-Covid world, this type of preparedness and vigilance is key when booking your next cruise.

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