Pedestrian Fatalities at a 10-Year High

Pedestrian deaths are at a 10-year high on a national level with the State of Florida having the second highest rate of pedestrian accidents in the country. Between January and June 2016, 299 deaths occurred in Florida. That previous year, the number was 303.

The top five states, including California, Florida, Texas, New York and Arizona, made up 43 percent of all pedestrian deaths during the first half of 2017. To put these numbers in perspective, these states account for only 30 percent of the total national population. According to a study published by NPR, eight of the top ten most dangerous cities for pedestrian deaths were in Florida. Why have these numbers increased over the course of a couple of years?

According to the study, a number of factors can play into why pedestrian deaths have increased. A stronger economy and lower price for fuel has caused more cars to be on the road, which results in increased chances for accidents.

Other factors include increased vehicle speeds and alcohol consumption by both drivers and pedestrians. According to the report, 33 percent of pedestrian deaths involved a pedestrian who had a blood alcohol content (BAC) above the legal driving limit. Even though it is not illegal to walk while intoxicated, it can be extremely dangerous when combined with moving vehicles.

Dangerous road design also plays a part in increased pedestrian deaths. Many of these accidents occur on multi-lane roads, as pedestrians are attempting to cross a busy highway. The larger the roads, the higher the speeds are set for cars traveling on them. This combination can lead to an increased chance of an accident occurring while the pedestrian is crossing an intersection.

Certain steps can be taken by pedestrians to help prevent these accidents from occurring, which include:

  • Wearing bright or reflective clothing so they can be seen easily;
  • Always walk on the sidewalk, and if no sidewalk is present, walk facing traffic;
  • Look both ways before crossing a street or intersection;
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times;
  • Watch for cars backing out of driveways or parking spots;
  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing an intersection;
  • Walk in groups to be more visible; and
  • Avoid walking when it is dark outside or in bad weather.


Pedestrians are injured every day in Florida. Accidents can occur when crossing the street, jogging, walking on the street or even on a sidewalk.  Most of the time, the accidents are caused by drivers who are distracted, texting or on cell phones. The majority of pedestrian fatalities involve alcohol use by either the driver or pedestrian.  Whether you were operating a vehicle or crossing the street on foot, it is possible that the other party is at fault for a pedestrian accident. The best way to determine the potential of your liability and assess your specific circumstances is to speak with a lawyer experienced in personal injury litigation. If you, a loved one, or someone you know has fallen victim to a pedestrian car accident we are ready to help. Our Miami personal injury law firm provides free, confidential consultations for new clients. Call our office today at 305-441-0440 or toll free at 1-866-597-4529. You can also send us an email describing your case to Let our team of experienced Florida pedestrian accident attorneys help you receive the compensation you deserve.