Car accidents do not just happen on highways. In fact, many reported accidents are the result of parking lot fender benders. While speeds tend to be slower in a parking lot, the damage can be costly.  Many parking lot accidents tend to involve hit-and-runs. Certain steps should be taken to protect your rights if you are involved as a driver or a pedestrian in a parking lot accident. 

Call for Help.

Do not hesitate to call 911 if you believe anyone was injured following the accident. If the accident was a hit-and-run, calling 911 can help obtain valuable evidence and protect you in the event a police report is needed to submit a claim. 

Remain Calm.

Emotions run high when it comes to any type of car accident especially parking lot accidents. If the person who hit you or your car is present, tensions can rise and situations can quickly escalate. However, responding in anger will not help the situation. Remain calm and call the police.  It is also important to take down the contact information and statements of anyone who witnessed the accident. 

Stay Where You Are.

It is extremely important that everyone involved in the accident stay at the scene until the authorities clear them to go.  In Florida, it is the law.  Leaving the scene of an accident can bring an additional charge, especially if injuries or vehicular damage was done.   

Never Apologize or Admit Fault.

It can be a knee jerk reaction to want to say, “I’m sorry” after an accident, but whatever you do, never admit fault. Conversations should be limited, giving the other person insurance and contact information. 

Take Pictures of the Damages.

Most people today have phones with picture-taking capabilities. Take pictures of the damage and everything as it was at the time of the accident.  Valuable evidence can be cleaned up quickly after an auto accident. Pictures need to document where the cars were in relation to each other at the time the accident occurred. Your insurance company may require this information later, and you may need it should a legal claim have to be filed. 

Get the Contact Information of Drivers and Witnesses.

You should always exchange information with the other person or people involved in the auto accident. Get their names, phone numbers, insurance information, license plate number, details regarding the car or cars involved and the address of the individual.

In addition, if anyone else saw the parking lot accident occur, get the names and contact information of them as well. If emergency responders were called to the scene, it is also good practice to get their information, as well and a copy of the police report.

Do Not Provide Too Much Information. 

After a parking lot accident, you will likely be panicked and pretty shaken up.  Do not provide private information, such as your birth date or Social Security Number. Your phone number, insurance information and address are all that is needed.

Document the Conditions that Day.

How was the weather the day of the accident? Was it rainy or clear? It is important that you document what the weather conditions were at the time of the accident, as well as the conditions at the scene of the accident. Was something obstructing you or the other driver’s vision? Take pictures of the conditions, but also write them down. Accident details are best taken down in the moment. All of this is important when it comes to determining liability at a later date.

Contact an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney. 

Contact an experienced auto accident attorney and see what your rights are following an auto accident, particularly if you or a loved one were injured.  Do not put all of your faith in the insurance company.  Contact an attorney who is truly on your side, and will fight for you.


If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Florida, it is very important to consult with an experienced Miami auto accident attorney immediately.  Florida auto accident victims have only 14 days to seek initial medical attention to receive insurance benefits after an accident, so it is important you are seen by a doctor as soon as possible following the accident.  Spencer Aronfeld is a Board Certified Trial Lawyer, and he and the lawyers at Aronfeld Trial Lawyers understand Florida’s complex personal injury laws and since 1991 we have fought hard to protect the legal rights of the injured and their families- and hold auto insurers like State Farm, Allstate, Progressive, GEICO and others accountable for the pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and other damages suffered by our clients. Contact us today and speak with an experienced Miami auto accident attorney toll free 1-866-597-4529, local 305-441-0440, or by email.  We offer a free initial consultation at your home, office, hotel or hospital.  Call us today, we are ready to help.