As a Miami lawyer who helps people who have fallen in Florida businesses for over twenty years I have seen many different injuries ranging from sore backs to broken legs and arms. I believe that the most important issue is obtaining immediate and appropriate medical care. Many stores are trained not to call for fire rescue for injured customers as it might indicate that a more serious injury has been sustained.

In Florida injury claims against grocery stores, plaintiffs are questioned and criticized by the fact that fire rescue did not come or that immediate medical care was not sought. I am not suggesting that you have an ambulance come if you are not injured, but if you are unsure of the extent of your injury or cannot decide, I always recommend that you have an ambulance come.

Injured people are sometimes concerned about the cost of fire rescue or having an ambulance transport you to a hospital. The thought of sitting in an emergency room waiting hours to see a doctor is also unpleasant.

In the end, we believe that the health and well being of our clients is most important.

I recommend being absolutely candid about your injuries, medication and previous medical history with fire rescue and at the emergency room. Failure to provide complete and accurate information will subject the injured customer to criticism once the claim is made.

Virtually every Florida grocery store, convenience store or shopping mall owner or operator has installed multiple digital surveillance cameras. A copy of the surveillance video of the accident is crucial information for successfully proving a Fort Lauderdale slip and fall claim and should always be requested immediately after the incident
Our Miami fall down accident lawyers are devoted to holding businesses, grocery stores, shopping malls and car dealers accountable for keeping their premises safe and clean.