Its never easy when a member of your team suddenly leaves to work somewhere else. It is especially hard when the team member is talented and well liked.

So its with a sad heart that I blog that Louisa Victoria Paulino aka “Luigi” resigned from Aronfeld Trial Lawyers last week.

Louisa started as our receptionist in 2008. After having her first child last fall, she returned to work as a legal assistant to both Bruce Shemrock and Lennon Kraus.

She is pursuing her life long dream of working in the area of PIP litigation, a sub speciality of Personal Injury that our firm does not handle. We all wish her and her family the best and appreciate the contribution she made to our firm in the last year.

We are currently interviewing for a replacement who possess at least five years of personal injury litigation support experience and is bilingual. If you or someone you know would like to join the Aronfeld team please call us.