What Questions Will I Be Asked at a Slip and Fall Deposition? Top Slip and Fall Interview Questions

What Questions Will I Be Asked at a Slip and Fall Deposition?

Preparation is key when it comes to any personal injury matter, especially for testimony at depositions and trial. The proper preparation can help alleviate a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty for the client. A deposition is a procedure where by testimony is obtained for use in a civil law suit. Like testimony in the courtroom, the witness is sworn to tell the truth, and the attorneys are present to object to any inappropriate line of questioning. It normally takes place at one of the attorney’s offices, and in a slip-and-fall case, the injured party will answer questions under oath about what happened. The slip and fall interview questions are normally asked by the defense attorney and can be used as evidence in an actual trial.

Here are some common questions to expect at a slip-and-fall deposition.

Background Questions

First, you will be asked some basic background questions. These can include questions about your education level, family background, as well as employment history. The opposing attorney may question you about what your life was like before the injury occurred to get a basis for quality of life. These questions may also include information about whether the plaintiff has a criminal background.

How It Happened?

The main crux of the deposition questions will focus on what actually occurred and how the accident happened. The defense attorney will want to get information on how the plaintiff was injured, and these questions can be fairly detailed and exhausting. It ultimately depends on the circumstances, but can often include some of the following questions:

  • What type of shoes were you wearing?
  • What were you carrying at the time?
  • Where were you looking when you were walking?
  • Were you looking down, and do you customarily look down when walking?
  • Where did the fall happen?
  • Which foot slipped, and how did it slip?
  • How did you fall?
  • Which part of your body struck the ground first and what other parts struck the ground?
  • If there was a hole, ice, water, or any type of obstruction, did you not see it before walking in that area?
  • If you did notice the obstruction, what precautions did you take to avoid getting injured?

The defense is going to try and poke holes in the plaintiff’s story, so it will be important that he or she does not lose patience during questioning and stays on track when answering the questions. If any are inappropriate, the plaintiff’s attorney will make the appropriate objections.

Questions Regarding the Injuries

The injured party should expect to respond to questions about his or her injuries and how they have impacted his or her quality of life. These questions can include:

  • What are the injured party’s injuries?
  • What healthcare providers have been seen?
  • What were the symptoms and complaints the injured party was experiencing?
  • Have symptoms changed over time?
  • When has the injured person started feeling better, and is he or she fully recovered?
  • If the person is not fully recovered, what activities can he or she no longer do that the person normally did before?
  • What are the injured party’s restrictions currently?
  • Who paid for the medical bills and how much were they?
  • How long was the person out of work, and what were the lost earnings?
  • Overall, how has this injury affected the person’s life?

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