Which Florida Hospital is the Safest?

Dear Florida Hospital Lawyer:

I read a lot about dangerous hospitals, infections and delays. How can I figure out which Florida hospital is the best for me?

Needing Answers in Tamarac

Dear Needing Answers:

Thank you for your email. I have brought claims against a number of hospitals across Florida for emergency room delays, misread CT scans, surgical errors, bed sores and medication errors. Just because a hospital makes a mistake with one patient does not mean it is a bad hospital.

Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration has a great website that provides valuable information regarding hospital performance, health outcome and pricing information. There is even limited information regarding inspections and deficiencies like this one regarding Miami’s Mercy Hospital, Inc.

What the site does not show, but should, is the number of medical malpractice lawsuits, settlements and verdicts. In Florida, when hospitals pay out in malpractice cases, they invariably request a confidentiality agreement preventing the plaintiffs/claimants and their attorney from disclosing the terms or amount of the settlement. Until this information is made public, consumers, like yourself, will still be ill equipped to find Florida’s safest hospital.

I hope this helps.

Spencer Aronfeld