Cancelled Cruise? Why you should take the refund and not the credit.


As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak intensifies, travelers are finding out that their cruise vacations are being cancelled. However, rather than offering refunds for these cancellations, cruise companies are hoping that travelers will choose the option of a bonus credit as an incentive for booking a future cruise. While the possibility of receiving a bonus credit for a future cruise may sound enticing, we recommend opting for the refund.

Essentially what is involved in a credit is a person who may have paid a certain amount for his or her cruise will receive a credit of more than what he or she paid to go towards a future trip. Many cruise lines are offering an additional amount of money towards onboard spending to be used while on the ship. Receiving more than what you paid for the original booking may seem too good to be true, but several reasons exist as to why the refund is the better option.

One major issue we are all facing involves the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how long it will last. It is not clear at this time when we will hit the peak of the outbreak and how long it will take for things to get back to some sense of normalcy. It is also completely unclear how the travel industry will be affected and when travel will resume. Different parts of the world have been hit harder than others, and it is not clear how long it will take for those parts of the world to “reopen.”

When travel does reopen, the major cruise lines will want to offer deals to entice travelers. By taking the refund, you are allowing yourself flexibility on which company you choose when you do re-book a cruise. If you take the credit with the original cruise line, you are stuck with that cruise line. You may also not be able to use your credit towards certain trips, especially those being offered at low deals.

The uncertainty surrounding what will happen when the dust settles also means that cruise itineraries may not be the same when traveling begins again. The company with whom you originally booked may not offer the same type of trip you were planning.

We also do not know whether all cruise lines will survive. At this moment, there is a no sail order in place, and the more time that passes, the harder it will be for those companies to bounce back. If you have booked a trip with a company that ends up folding, you will be out that money. Take the cash now in the form of a refund and use it to book your trip again when it is safe to do so.


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