You are likely familiar with Ritz Carlton as a luxury hotel chain. Part of Marriott International, the company operates 91 high-end hotels in 33 countries all over the world. The hotel company has been a standard-setter for lavish vacations and high-end holidays for a long time. Now Ritz Carlton is looking to bring its luxury brand to a different location, the high seas.

What to Expect Aboard a Ritz Cruise

Recently, Ritz Carlton announced that it was starting a luxury cruise line. The hotel chain is in the process of constructing three cruise ships; each will carry approximately 290 passengers. The ships are slated to have 149 rooms, which the company is calling suites, two penthouses, and restaurants overseen from shore by a Michelin star chef. The vision for these ships is to quash the current image of crowded cruise ships as not ideal for an elite traveler.

Destinations will include ports throughout the Caribbean and Mediterranean, including the popular Italian location of Capri, which is too small to dock bigger ships. While the maiden voyage is not scheduled until the end of 2019, people are already expecting a hefty price tag for this high-end experience. Bookings will begin in May of 2018, and it will be possible to reserve a Ritz Carlton cruise ship for private charter.

Can Ritz Carlton Build a Safer Cruise Ship?

Ritz Carlton follows fellow cross-over Disney into the cruise business, and if this earlier example tells passengers anything, any cruise company will experience accidents and incidents aboard its ships. Whether big or small, luxury or mega, it is impossible for cruise companies to mitigate all risks and eliminate all instances of negligence aboard their ships. Therefore, even the latest and greatest vessel from Ritz Carlton is still likely to see passengers and crew members trip, slip, fall, or experience other injuries while cruising with the company.

It is possible that Ritz Carlton will experience fewer accidents than other cruise companies. Ritz Carlton is designing cruise ships with a capacity of 290 people, in contrast to several mega cruise ships that accommodate several thousand people. It is much easier to oversee training, maintenance, and the overall experience of guests with fewer passengers aboard. This could decrease the likelihood of a cruise ship accident with Ritz Carlton, although there is no way to be certain that your cruise will be free of complications or mishaps.

Cruise Ship Accidents: Injured Aboard a Luxury Cruise Ship

A cruise company’s luxury price tag and upscale experience does not exempt it from liability for personal injuries. If a passenger experiences a cruise ship accident, in the United States or abroad, it is extremely helpful to speak with an experienced maritime lawyer regarding the procedure for filing a personal injury claim and how to improve chances of recovery.

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