Husband Indicted for the Murder of His Wife Aboard an Alaskan Cruise

Late last week a man from Utah man was indicted for the alleged murder of his wife aboard an Alaskan cruise ship. The incident occurred on July 25th, while the couple was vacationing on the Emerald Princess with their three teenaged daughters and other family members. Information from the cruise line and police indicates the family booked the cruise to celebrate the couple’s 18th wedding anniversary.

Kenneth Manzanares was charged with murder of his wife, Kristy Manzanares, shortly after the events on July 25th, in which Mrs. Manzanares sustained severe head injuries that led to her death. Mr. Manzanares was indicted by a grand jury on federal charges.

Events Aboard the Emerald Princess in July

As the Emerald Princess was cruising the coast of Alaska on July 25th, security and medical personnel were called to an emergency in the Manzanares’ cabin. A witness had noticed Mr. Manzanares carrying the lifeless body of his wife towards the balcony of their cabin, then back again to their private room.

According to reports, when security arrived, Mrs. Manzanares was dead and Mr. Manzanares was covered in her blood. Mrs. Manzanares sustained a severe head wound that caused major brain trauma. Reports indicate the incident occurred after a domestic dispute between the couple. Witnesses state the couple had argued earlier that evening, at which time Mrs. Manzanares had asked for a divorce.

Princess Cruises, the owner and operator of the Emerald Princess, subsequently released a statement confirming that the events were precipitated by a domestic dispute between the husband and wife.

Recent Indictment of Mr. Manzanares

Mr. Manzanares was indicted on federal murder charges. As the events occurred aboard an Alaskan cruise, rather than on land, the investigation, charges, and potential trial fall under the purview of the FBI.

Federal authorities were quick to file a criminal complaint, and they arrested Mr. Manzanares while he was still aboard the Emerald Princess. The murder charges indicate that federal investigators believe Mr. Manzanares killed his wife willfully,

maliciously, and with malice aforethought. When a homicide is committed with malice aforethought, the accused is charged with intending to kill the victim.

Mr. Manzanares will await federal trial for murder, unless he seeks a plea bargain or other settlement with federal prosecutors.

Procedure After a Tragic Incident Aboard a Cruise Ship

A serious injury aboard a cruise ship, whether accidental or intentional, requires quick and efficient action by cruise personnel. In particular, the size and passenger capacity of the bigger cruise ships give rise to competing interests between handling a crime or accident with care, and ensuring the satisfaction of uninvolved passengers.

In the case of the Emerald Princess there were approximately 3,000 passengers aboard the Alaskan cruise. The security and medical staffs on the Emerald Princess performed an initial assessment of the crime scene and injuries that same evening, but the ship was required to divert from its intended course and make port at Juneau.

After those involved in the incident disembarked and authorities took over the investigation, the ship resumed its scheduled route. Eventually the Emerald Princess returned to Seattle, its port of embarkation.

Incidents of this nature, along with violence aboard cruise ships in general, are rare, but injuries are not. As this tragic event indicates, it is impossible to predict how, when, or where an incident might occur at sea. Accordingly, it is important that a cruise line maintain a well-trained crew and medical staff prepared to handle any event.

 Injuries due to Cruise Accidents Any Where in the World

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