Cruise Ship Accident News: Thousands of Cruise Ship Passengers Stranded in Gulf by Hurricane Harvey

The latest cruise ship accident news reports that thousands of passengers have been stranded due to hurricane Harvey’s catastrophic impact.  In recent days the United States has received nearly constant updates on the tragic events unfolding in Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. The Category 4 storm made landfall on Friday, August 25th and immediately began to wreak havoc across the state. The worst has been felt in and around the Houston, where flooding from the hurricane has precipitated a national emergency.

As of Tuesday evening, Texas officials reported that nine people have died in these massive floods. However, more casualties are feared, as many are still reported missing.

Those on land weren’t the only people affected by this powerful storm. As Hurricane Harvey ripped through the Gulf of Mexico, picking up steam along the way, it bypassed numerous cruise ships. Then because of damage from Hurricane Harvey’s massive landfall, these cruise ships were unable to port in Galveston, Texas. At daybreak on Saturday morning, thousands of people were left stranded aboard cruise ships in the Gulf of Mexico. These passengers are still waiting to disembark as floodwaters continue to rise.

What Ships Are Stuck in the Gulf?

Major cruise lines reported ships afloat in the Gulf of Mexico yet unable to reach land. Carnival Corp, the owner-operator of Carnival Cruises, told authorities that two of its cruise ships were stuck in the turbulent Gulf of Mexico waters on Saturday. These huge cruise ships stopped in New Orleans for fuel, water, and supplies, but passengers were encouraged to not disembark. Another of the company’s cruise ships remained through the weekend in Cozumel until it could continue its original itinerary through the Gulf of Mexico.

Passengers reported that Carnival managed to maneuver all three of its cruise ships out of the storm’s path, a huge consolation for those currently stranded.

Likewise, over the weekend the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Liberty of the Seas was unable to reach Galveston, Texas, and the crew was uncertain about remaining in the Gulf through the weekend. This ship was eventually redirected to Miami, Florida, where its thousands of passengers were forced to wait on board until the ship can safely reach Galveston. Royal Caribbean has also canceled the next scheduled voyager for Liberty of the Seas, issuing refunds to any passengers booked for that cruise.

Four major cruise ships were still out in the Gulf of Mexico by the end of the weekend, the passengers aboard them numbering more than 20,000.

Further Complications in Galveston

While Hurricane Harvey has now passed through the Gulf of Mexico, complications in Galveston remain. When the storm reached land, it caused devastating flooding along the Texas coast, including the areas around Galveston. The media is talking about Houston, but nearby Galveston is also experiencing floods and other effects from the hurricane.

For the cruise ships trapped in the Gulf, authorities worry about logistical issues when these ships do allow passengers to disembark because the roads out of Galveston are mostly under water. There is little information about how long flooding might last and how to prepare for the resulting damage. These cruise ships await further instruction on when and where to allow passengers finally to leave their hurricane cruise experience behind.

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