As a Florida bicycle injury lawyer and former amateur bicycle racer I know a lot about crashes and the effect they have on both a cyclist physically and mentally. The most common question posed after most serious bicycle accidents is, “how did it happen?”

According to a recent New York Times article, figuring out what went wrong just got a lot simpler with the use GPS device analysis. Serious cyclists now often train using Garmin-type cyclometers that are mounted on the handlebars. Traditionally, these devices would tell the rider information regarding speed, heart rate, watts and pedal cadence. For our Broward bike injury law firm, the GPS device produces valuable data used to prove fault and location in complex bike/car collisions, especially when there are no independent witnesses.

Think of the bike GPS as the “black box for bicycle wrecks”. This poses an interesting question for both the defense and prosecution of injury cases. Our Miami cycling crash lawyers recommend that any cyclist involved in a crash immediately download and save the GPS data so that it will be preserved and that the defense does not claim a spoliation of evidence defense.

Lastly, our Broward County bicycle injury lawyers always recommend that you use a helmet no matter where you ride. Make sure that the helmet is both properly fitting and not damaged.

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