As a Florida medical malpractice lawyer, I have represented a number of clients who have had botched circumcisions. The case of Mario Viera is different in that this circumcision appears to have been performed correctly, but it was done against the parents’ wishes, without consent.

Today, the mother took a step in making sure this does not happen to anyone else by filing a lawsuit against South Miami Hospital and the doctor who performed the unwanted surgery. Many people have contacted us in support of the case and see this as much more than just a “mix up of papers” as South Miami Hospital would like us to believe.

This case brings to light the concept of why Americans routinely circumcise their newborn boys in the absence of a compelling medical or religious reason. The procedure is irreversible and this baby will have to live with the consequences of it for the rest of his life. As Miami lawyers, we are proud to represent this family and hope that this lawsuit will prevent this from ever happening to another child.