P&O Cruises bills itself as the oldest cruise line in the world.  Based in Southampton, England, the line sails eight cruise ships, with a total passenger capacity of 15,000.  P&O Cruises has been in continuous operation since the 19th century.  Since 2003, Carnival Corporation, the largest cruise line in the world, has owned and operated P&O and controlled P&O’s 5% of the worldwide cruise line market.

Of course, the scale of that operation provides no guarantee against mishaps.  A passenger aboard the P&O’s 3200-passenger Ventura has been reported to have fallen from the ship as it neared the Isle of Wight on its way back to Southampton from a two-week Mediterranean cruise.

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The ship retraced its route in the area as the Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter and lifeboats traversed a 25-nautical-mile radius searching for the man overboard.  After no success, the search was called off  and the Ventura set sail again just days after the incident on a two-day voyage to Zeebrugge.


This tragedy once again highlights the need to institute mandatory man overboard (MOB) technology on not only P&O cruise ships but also ships from all cruise lines. Carnival is the market leader, and as a lawyer who sues Carnival on behalf of injured passengers, I believe it should take the lead in using all available technology that can and will make taking cruises safer for people

I do not know the facts surrounding this latest incident; I do not know if this passenger fell overboard by accident, intention (suicide), or by the criminal act of another. I believe that regardless of the reason this incident occurred, had P&O installed some or any of the MOB technology currently on the market, it would have absolutely improved the likelihood of this passenger’s being found and potentially saved.   The only reason I can imagine that cruise lines are not doing this now is simply to save money, and that can never be a reason when lives are at stake.


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