How to Prevent and Recognize Your Child’s Concussion With Baseline Testing

The Florida High School Athletics Association governs high-school sports across the state of Florida. Our Florida head injury lawyers are pleased to note that the FHSAA is implementing new protocols to protect student athletes from returning to the game after sustaining a suspected concussion. The new guideline requires all student athletes who play on interscholastic [...]

Florida’s Birth Injured Infants Get No Justice

The last thing a new parent wants to worry about is their baby being injured during delivery. Fortunately, most babies are born without complication and most birth-related traumas resolve. Although, doctors, hospitals or delivery teams make mistakes that cause lifelong neurological injuries, Florida's legislation stepped in to protect them legal accountability by establishing Florida's Birth [...]

Cellphone Use Affects Brain Chemistry

Our cellphone injury lawyers were deeply concerned by the recent study that revealed that 50 non-stop minutes of cell phone use affects brain metabolism in the brain's region closest to the phone's antenna. Using PET scans during cell phone use in both the on and then off position showed that metabolism increased in both the [...]


On April 6, 2011 Miami personal injury lawyer Spencer Aronfeld will be speaking at the University of Miami School of Law.. The topic will be: how to make your own law firm upon graduation from law school and lunch will be served. The event is open to the public as well as students from both [...]
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