One of the highlights of my career as a Florida ER mistake lawyer was attending the Broadway musical Hair with the late Johnny Cochran shortly before he died from a brain tumor. He felt his tumor came from excessive use of cellphones; but that seemed incredible at the time.

The recently published Disconnect by epidemiologist Devra Davis has me reconsidering the relationship between cellphone use and brain cancer. Davis notes the increase in brain tumors in 20-29 year olds and she relates low energy radio frequency radiation from cell phones to brain cell damage. The amount a particular cellphone secretes is called Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). The FCC list the SAR of most cellphones here.

Apparently Apple and Blackberry are concerned too. Buried deep in the fine print, both warn users about putting the phone too close to your head. As a Miami product liability lawyer and avid Blackberry user, I urge everyone to take a moment to look at the Davis research.

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