Actos Claim Update: Trial Deadlines are Approaching

Rebecca Doherty, the Federal Court judge who is presiding over the Actos claim litigation, ordered this week that the lawyers representing both victims and the pharmaceutical giant Takeda meet to attempt to resolve any potential evidentiary disputes before filing motions to be heard by the court. The order, signed August 26, is commonly referred to [...]

Actos Lawsuit Update: Bladder Cancer Risks

As a Florida Actos lawsuit lawyer, I have closely followed the country's first Actos jury trial which recently took place in Los Angeles, California. In that case, the plaintiff claimed that Takeda, the manufacturer of Actos, failed to warn him of the risk of developing bladder cancer associated with the drug. This is the same [...]

Dialysis Recall Cases Against Fresenius

Leer en Espanol Lawsuits against kidney dialysis drug maker Fresenius are going to be much easier now that the Joint Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) has ordered that all cases be filed in a consolidated proceeding to Judge Douglas P Woodlock, a Reagan nominee, at the Federal Court in Boston, Massachusetts. The order filed on [...]
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