No More Kids Should Drown in our Swimming Pools

As a parent and Miami PI lawyer, I am saddened to report that nearly ten children under the age of five have drowned in South Florida so far this year. And its only July.

The Miami Herald reports that the most common theme is: “we only took our eyes off him for a minute”.

Here is how you can immediately make your pool safer and save a life:

1. Install a pool fence. Most cities require permanent fences and have specific guidelines as to height, spacing of slats as well as other requirements. Coral Gables, where I live has its requirements posted online.

2. Maintain pool fence. Pool fences need to be maintained like cars and appliances to be effective, if a fence is unsteady, have it stabilized by a contractor or handyman.

3. Regularly oil and check gate latches and spring mechanisms. Faulty or broken latches and hinges negate the value of having a pool fence.

4. Install self locking gates. Never prop gates open and by having a self locking gate, you won’t have to remember to close the gate behind you.

5. Keep gate keys out of the reach of children.