Toxic Lead Found In Red Vines Licorice

Red Vines licorice has been found to have toxic levels of lead. The American Licorice Company of Union City California makes Red Vines. According to the FDA, Red Vines sold in the one pound bag with the "Best Before Date" of February 4, 2013 has been recalled due to dangerously high lead levels. Lead can [...]

Suicide of Junior Seau and Brain Injuries

Our Florida accident attorneys are saddened to learn of the suicide of legendary linebacker Junior Seau. The act of intentionally taking one's own life usually occurs when people suffer from a mental or emotional condition such as bipolar disorder, depression, alcohol or drug dependency or other stresses in life that seem inescapable. Certain risk factors [...]

Post Traumatic Stress Order and Brain Injuries

Victims hurt in a Florida car crash, slip and fall or as the result of careless doctors usually seek immediate medical attention for their physical pain and suffering. Rarely is any focus put on the more difficult to diagnose trauma known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, P.T.S.D. As a Miami PI attorney, I am alarmed [...]
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