Suicide of Junior Seau and Brain Injuries

Our Florida accident attorneys are saddened to learn of the suicide of legendary linebacker Junior Seau. The act of intentionally taking one’s own life usually occurs when people suffer from a mental or emotional condition such as bipolar disorder, depression, alcohol or drug dependency or other stresses in life that seem inescapable.

Certain risk factors have been identified and should be considered if you are concerned about an individual; such as access to guns, family members who have committed suicide and unemployment or financial problems.

Most suicide attempts do not result in death and are often simply an attempt to cry for help. This occurs when the attempt is less likely to be fatal such as a drug overdose or superficial cutting. However, when, as in the case of Mr. Seau, a gun or other violent method is used, the result is most likely death. Typically, guns are used by males.

The relatives of people who attempt or commit suicide are also deeply affected by the act. Family members sometimes blame themselves or become angry at others for not recognizing the signs and preventing the suicide.

As more information is gathered surrounding the death of Mr. Seau, one question may never be answered, why? Many will never understand why a superstar NFL athlete with half of his life still ahead would have chosen to die by his own hand in such a violent and painful fashion. As a lawyer who sues Florida doctors for not diagnosing a patient who commits suicide under their care, I believe we may never know. I do think that there were undoubtedly signs and symptoms that Mr. Seau had that probably went undiagnosed and treated. Many believe that Mr. Seau’s concussions could have led to his suicide. As a Miami attorney who helps people with brain injuries I hope that there will be more research conducted on the impact of head injuries on the risk for depression and suicide. This tragedy can and should provide more awareness about suicide risk factors and treatment options.