Norwegian Cruise Line Faces Lawsuit from Investors for Downplaying the Coronavirus, Resulting in Dramatic Drop in Stock Price

Stockholders for Norwegian Cruise Lines have filed a lawsuit this week alleging that the company knowingly deceived them in downplaying the coronavirus to keep bookings, which resulted in the company’s stock taking a significant hit. The matter was filed as part of a class action lawsuit, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District [...]

Carnival Cruise Issuing Refunds and Credits for Patients and Travelers Affected by the Coronavirus

The cruise industry has been scrambling for weeks since the first case of the coronavirus was reported. Carnival Cruise Line has announced that they will be implementing a new, enhanced screening process to keep the coronavirus from infecting passengers and crew members on their ships. As part of this screening, if a guest is determined [...]

MSC Cruise Ship Turned Away at Two Ports Due to Coronavirus Concerns

The current coronavirus outbreak has the cruise industry on high alert. Most recently, an MSC cruise ship was turned away at two separate ports due to concerns that someone on the ship could potentially be sick with the virus. On Tuesday, the MSC Meraviglia was turned away by Jamaican authorities. The Meraviglia had been docked [...]

5 Times Cruise Lines Put Their Profits Ahead of Passenger Safety

Cruise ships sail in open waters to a variety of destinations worldwide. Maritime law governs injuries on cruise ships, and passengers have just one year from the date of the incident to file a claim. These cases must be filed in Federal Court in Miami, regardless of where the incident occurred and regardless of where the injured passenger is [...]
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