Hats off to Celebrity Cruises and their innovative CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo who announced this week that Celebrity will soon launch a new 100 passenger ultra-luxury cruise ship specially designed to navigate around the magnificent wildlife-filled archipelago known as the Galapagos Islands. Celebrity has been a world leader in Galapagos cruising for over 12 years- bringing thousands of passengers to the exotic locations such as Baltra Island and Darwin Bay.

Starting in 2019 the Celebrity Flora’s all-balcony cabins, will join Celebrities existing smaller cruise ships Celebrity Xpedition and replace both the 48-passenger Celebrity Experience and the 16-passenger Celebrity Xploration.

In addition to a restaurant and a star gazing lounge, the Flora will feature a unique Zodiac launch off the stern of the ship that will allow passengers and research scientists an easy and efficient way to disembark the vessel to conduct short-range excursions. This one of a kind facility will be called The Marina, and is able to handle up to three Zodiacs at once- drastically reducing the time it takes to transport passengers to and from the ship to visit various islands.

Environmentalist should also applaud Celebrity for building these ships to be both energy-efficient and able to navigate the delicate environment of the Galapagos with minimum impact. Specifically, the Floria is designed to operate with reported 15 percent less fuel consumption and fewer air emissions that a typical cruise ship thanks to an advanced power generator and hydrodynamic hull. Most importantly the Flora’s dynamic positioning system will allow it to stay in place without the need to drop anchor which can cause irreparable damage to the seabed.

Celebrity is wholly owned and operated by Royal Caribbean Cruise Line- both are based at the Port of Miami in Miami, Florida. And like Royal Caribbean, passengers who are injured aboard a Celebrity cruise ship on wet decks, slippery staircases, on steep gangways, on tenders, or by unmarked thresholds, in port or during an excursion must first send written notice of the claim within six months to Celebrity’s corporate office at: CELEBRITY CRUISES INC., 1050 CARIBBEAN WAY, MIAMI, FL 33132.


Once written notice has been sent and received by Celebrity, the lawsuit against Celebrity must be filed and litigated in Federal Court in Miami, Florida, regardless of where the passenger may be from, where they purchased their ticket or where the accident occurred. These claims must be filed within one year of the date of the incident. Simply sending the notice does not satisfy the statute of limitations and suit still needs to be filed. Once the lawsuit is filed it has to be properly served against Celebrity within 120 days of filing. Any violation of these terms can result in having the entire case dismissed. This is often a shock to the injured passenger- but these requirements are contained in the legal language buried deep in Celebrity’s cruise ship passenger ticket.

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