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Thousands of passengers are injured on cruise ships, tenders, and excursions every year. Most return home and consult a local attorney about their legal rights. If you live in a location that does not have an experienced cruise ship injury lawyer, the lawyer may not know that most cruise lines insert a one year statute of limitations clause in their contract of carriage or tickets. Almost all cruise lines also require that any actions be filed in the United States District Court Southern District Miami Division, also known as Federal Court. Only certain lawyers who pass a rigid examination are qualified to practice in Federal Court. Spencer Aronfeld has been licensed to practice in Federal Court since 1992 and the United States Supreme Court since 1996.

Often an injured passenger returns home and several months pass before a local attorney is even consulted. If that attorney is unfamiliar with how to proceed in a cruise ship injury case, they inadvertently jeopardize the client’s right to compensation by not filing the law suit in the correct court within the prescribed one-year time limit.

Aronfeld Trial Lawyers has successfully represented passengers from around the world who have been injured on a cruise ship for over twenty years. As of today, every client we have represented has received compensation for their cruise ship injury.

We successfully represented a Texas woman who slipped and fell between a Carnival Cruise tender and the dock in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, B.W.I. Her leg was caught between the tender and the dock causing a severe-crushing injury requiring surgery, time away from work, and a permanent disability. All of this happened when she was on a cruise vacation for the first and most likely last time of her life.

Cruise lines are responsible for the injuries that passengers sustain on and off the ship. Florida law is clear that cruise lines have a non-delegable responsibility to make sure that passengers are safe when being transported between the ship and shore.

If you have been injured on a cruise ship, tender or in port, it is important that you seek immediate medical care and report the incident. Cruise lines often defend cases based upon a “lack of reported incident.” Also, immediately consult with an experienced passenger injury lawyer who is admitted to practice in Federal Court.

We accept and welcome referrals from out of state attorneys and pay the maximum referral fees permitted by the Florida Bar. We encourage any attorney that has been contacted regarding a potential cruise line injury case to contact us. If you or a client has been injured on a cruise ship or during a cruise, please contact us for a confidential and free legal consultation.

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