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Car Backover Accidents

3014155142_a4d1245ee2_bNothing is more tragic, then a family forced to bury a child due to a vehicle back-over accident. Statistically, nearly 200 children will die this year due to non traffic incidents involving a car. These type of accidents typically happen when a child is playing behind a parked car or truck, in what is commonly referred to as the “blind-spot.”

Sadly, the average age of victims of back over accidents is less than 2 years old. These types of car or truck accidents almost always occur in the home driveway or parking lot of the child. And the driver is often a relative, friend or parent.

What usually happens is that a child will run towards the car as it is backing up, and the driver is unable to see the small child due to a blind spot or lack of backup sensors or camera.

I believe that many of the cases we have handled over the last twenty years that involved the death or injury of a child in a back over accident could have been prevented by the use of a rear-view camera. Sadly, there are no regulations that require a vehicle to be equipped with a back-up camera.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that nearly 100 Americans lives will be saved every year if there were rules mandating that every new car and truck under 10,000 pounds include a rear-view camera system.

Our law firm supports and applauds the hard work and dedication of KidsAndCars.org and its founder and president Jannette Fennell to improve car safety. Our South Florida back up accident injury law firm is dedicated to making sure that no other parent has to lose a child simply because they were not visible to the driver who was backing up.

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