A Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyer’s View on Sovereign Immunity

The State of Florida enforces complex legal protocols that must be complied with to sue a governmental agency that is potentially at fault for causing an accident resulting in a personal injury. The area of the law that pertains in these matters is called sovereign immunity, which basically means protecting the crown or king--in this [Read More]

A Simple Miami Car Accident Case Gets Complicated

Charles Terek’s 2004 car accident case in Miami has taken one of the strangest legal journeys I have seen in more than 20 years of practicing law in Florida. From the record, it is unclear how the accident happened, though most likely he was rear-ended by the vehicle driven by Paul Pugliese, and that collision [Read More]

Accidents Caused by Police

As a Miami accident attorney, Uninsured Motorist Insurance is without question the most important insurance drivers can buy in Florida to protect them and their families in the event they are involved in a traffic accident. UM is designed and sold to pay people who have been involved in traffic accidents either in cars, trucks, [Read More]

Florida Must Lower Blood Alcohol Limits– Now

Drunk driving accidents are not really accidents; they are crimes. They kill thousands of innocent people every year. The National Transportation Safety Board has proposed a solution that I believe is right--lower the legal blood alcohol level from .08% to .05% in hopes of saving lives. Of course, the NTSB makes only recommendations, not laws. [Read More]