Family Sues Apartment Complex For Inadequate Security

For many people injured in car accidents, slip and falls or on a cruise ship the thought of filing a law suit can be terrifying. And it is. Depositions are taken, medical records are scrutinized and peoples lives are often turned inside out. When personal injury cases cannot be resolved, they are brought before juries. [...]

7 Ways The UM Dormitory Assualt Could Have Been Avoided

As a Florida lawyer who sues universities for not having proper security and a former resident of the University of Miami's Mahoney Residential College dormitory I was alarmed to read about the recent arrest of Jiahao Yuan, the Chinese exchange student was found "inappropriately touching" two sleeping co-eds. What disturbed me the most, as a [...]


On April 6, 2011 Miami personal injury lawyer Spencer Aronfeld will be speaking at the University of Miami School of Law.. The topic will be: how to make your own law firm upon graduation from law school and lunch will be served. The event is open to the public as well as students from both [...]
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